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Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Experiential travel is an authentic way to connect with nature. Together, the experience is about stepping off the beaten path, walking away from superficial tourist activities and embracing an immersive cultural environment. By pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, experiential travelers experience a shift in perspective that improves the way they connect with the world. This transformational style of travel will enrich a person’s life and, ultimately, leave an impression that lasts much longer than the journey itself.

Some call it luxury camping.  Some call it glamorous camping.  Either way, Glamping.com is dedicated to inspiring and guiding those who are seeking a different kind of trip, the kind that encourages cultural immersion, a broadening of horizons, and a deeper engagement with one’s surroundings with enjoying this upscale approach to sleeping under the stars. Each property in our collection is hand-selected and meets an established set of standards in order to be listed. As a result, visitors can trust that every destination they uncover will provide a truly unique and unforgettable travel experience.

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Treehouses for All

Ever wanted to live out your Swiss Family Robinson fantasy? How about just wanted to live amongst the branches? Why not hop on one of this year’s hottest glamping trends and give a treehouse a chance for your next trip? Whether you want something rustic or luxurious, there is a hideaway in the trees out …

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Glamping in Bali at Viceroy

The Indonesian island of Bali is a place many have dreamed of visiting. Known for its ultra-lush landscapes and terraced rice paddies, it calls to those looking for serenity. Viceroy Bali, one of the island’s most luxurious hotels, is an incredible home base. SETTING THE SCENE Located just two miles from eclectic an...
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Wild West Glamping at Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs is tucked in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado’s southwest corner. Dunton Hot Springs is a restored, historic ghost town originally established in 1885. Today, this luxury resort embodies a romantic vision of the American West and is open to guests year-round. GETTING THERE Dunton Hot Sprin...
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Glamping Dobroe

ostashkovsky, russia

Glamping Dobroe is located on 12 kilometers of the Black Sea coast of the Russian Federation, on the territory of the Utrish State Nature Reserve. Staying at this luxury campsite, your accommodation will be a spacious safari awning. Neatly tucked in the landscape, safari awnings are installed on large wooden podiums...
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Explore our collection of luxury villas and homes, delivering to upscale global travelers and adventure seekers an unforgettable lodging experience in private villas and homes with five-star amenities. Each of these villas provide glampers all the comforts of home in a unique outdoor environment and experience.  This collection provides glamping-minded guests the perfect home to stay in, many with concierge services to assist with details big and small.

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