• ATV ExcursionsATV Excursions

    Glamping puts you in a great position to enjoy the great outdoors, but when you want to explore the backcountry, climb aboard an ATV. These off-roaders beckon you to speed off on a free-spirited adventure. Discover hidden places as you careen down hills and kick up dust. More of a fresh-air fiend than adrenaline junkie? There’s an ATV excursion for everyone, even parents with their kids.

  • Beach & Water Beach & Water

    Just because you prefer palm trees to pine trees and are more of a sand-between-your-toes kind of traveler doesn’t mean glamping isn’t for you. After all, the beach was made for camping and the ocean, well, it was made for playing. From sailing and snorkeling to windsurfing and Jet skiing, there is a restful or ramped up water-based activity that will float your boat.  

  • Campfire CirclesCampfire Circles

    Nothing signals the end to a great day of glamping quite like a roaring campfire. Sure, the fire warms your fingers and toes, but it also warms your heart. Whether you’re roasting and toasting marshmallows and s’mores, singing songs, playing shadow puppets, lighting sparklers or telling ghost stories (if you dare), it’s old-fashioned family fun with a side of memory making.

  • CanoeingCanoeing

    One of the highlights of glamping is realizing that while modern technology is terrific, some historic inventions were just made to last. Case in point? The canoe, used by Native Americans for centuries. Whether you’re lounging in the sun on a calm lake or battling the rapids down a twisty river, canoeing brings out the water lover in all of us.

  • Children ActivitiesChildren Activities

    Unplugging from the everyday is one of the best reasons to go glamping but keeping the kids from stealing glances at their devices can be a chore. Opt for a glamping retreat with a kids club and they’ll never have a moment to utter the dreaded, “I’m bored!” And it’s not just for the smallest guests…many glamping resorts have tween and teen programs.

  • Dog-sleddingDog-sledding

    Getting up close and personal with Mother Nature’s creatures is one of the best aspects of glamping. To get acquainted with four-legged creatures of the domesticated kind, head out for a dog-sledding adventure. Enjoy a rush of brisk air as you slide across the snow. Dog-sledding affords the opportunity to learn about these incredible dogs and the strong bonds they have forged with their owners.

  • Fly-fishingFly-fishing

    Glamping already gives you a front and center seat to nature, but if you’re the type that likes to really get in the middle of things, then fly-fishing is for you. Fly-fishing takes brains and brawn. This exhilarating challenge is worth every head-scratching moment just to have the chance to snag a plump trout.

  • Guided ToursGuided Tours

    While you like to go your own way it doesn’t mean you don’t like knowing where you are (and where you’re going). Tag along on a guided tour and you’ll gain knowledge you’d never glean from a guidebook. They’re also not about following a set path; they’re rich experiences led by experts who revel in sharing fascinating stories, showing off stunning sights and imparting handy tips.

  • HikingHiking

    When someone tells a glamper to take a hike, it’s a welcome invitation. Go for a gentle hike to spot the region’s flora and fauna and listen to the symphony of birdsong. Or, challenge yourself with a hike up steep hills with rocky terrain. You know the best views come from the hardest climbs. 

  • Horseback RidingHorseback Riding

    Glamping puts you in a prime position for enjoying a roster of exhilarating experiences, and horseback riding tops the list. Glamping retreats go beyond trail rides to offer horsemanship skills, as well as fun “shodeos.” Sure, you’ll get to see some stunning landscapes from your saddle, but this experience is all about the connection between you and your horse.

  • Mountain BikingMountain Biking

    You’ve already headed for the hills and found a terrific glamping retreat, so what better way is there to explore the mountains than by hopping on a mountain bike? Whether you have a network of trails just a few strokes from your resort or you’re barreling down the face of a mountain, mountain biking blends backcountry exploring with extreme thrills.

  • Rafting Rafting

    Your glamping retreat has great views, but for a different perspective, get out on the water. While whitewater rafting is far from a life raft, it is indeed life-affirming. This aquatic adventure is loaded with thrills and chills. That feeling as you’re about to drop into a rapid? It’s a mix of heady anticipation and pure adrenaline.

  • Ranch & Farm StaysRanch & Farm Stays

    Glamping already delivers a distinctive flair that traditional hotels or resorts can’t match, but when you want to really dig deep and immerse yourself in another lifestyle, opt for a farm or ranch stay. See what it’s really like on a ranch and walk in another’s cowboy boots or indulge in a farm stay. It’s all part of the good, but not-so-clean, fun.     

  • Safari & Wildlife ToursSafari & Wildlife Tours

    Sipping a sundowner as an elephant lumbers by is the ultimate bucket list adventure, but thanks to a wide variety of glamping retreats, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Hit the road – in a 4WD safari vehicle, that is. You’ll get up close and personal from the confines of an open-air vehicle. Sit back and watch a lion saunter past or snap a frame-worthy photo of a herd of wildebeest.

  • SkiingSkiing

    Winter is no time to shy away from glamping resorts, since many celebrate this cozy season with outdoor hot tubs, heated floors and more. Strap on a pair of skis and you’re all set for a day of whooshing down the mountain with the wind in your face. Prefer gliding through the backcountry? Cross-country skiing is proof positive that the journey is indeed the destination.

  • SnowmobilingSnowmobiling

    Glampers know that winter brings out the true-blue adventurers, those who don’t need fair weather to indulge in a little playtime. If your idea of fun involves high-octane sledding, then snowmobiling is for you. This winter-weather activity is the ultimate breath of fresh air that just so happens to take your breath away. Besides, you can warm your toes by the fire later.

  • Spa & Yoga Spa & Yoga

    Glamping’s locales are naturally zen but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve nirvana. There is no better place to refresh body and mind than in the great outdoors. Imaginations are not required, as the grassy meadow, trickling stream or beautiful sunset you’ve been asked to conjure is right here when you open your eyes.

  • Wine TastingWine Tasting

    Just because you have a beer budget doesn’t mean you won’t be sipping Champagne, since glamping resorts around the globe make wine tasting approachable to everyone. Enjoy the luxurious confines of your tented accommodations then spend your days touring your destination’s lush vineyards. Of course, there will be plenty of time to sample the results of all of that hard work, too.