Huts & Cottages

Modern day huts strive to maintain the similar tradition of huts from the past, bringing glampers a one of a kind experience.  

Huts represent the most primitive of human dwellings throughout history while today, these huts have added amenities. 

The structure of the huts are a rudimentary round or square structure built with local materials (trees, plants and other local resources), and have branch or thatch roofs.

Modern day glamping huts can take on many different forms or shapes and are now upgraded with the most modern touches and ammenities. Glampers can expect these huts to have all the luxurious accommodations that any 5 star hotel offers. 

Like huts, cottages offer people the cozy comforts of early settlers.  Although historically the traditional "cottage" has not been around as long as huts, many of the same types of features and styles still exist.  Most cottages, like huts, are also built with local materials, but are larger and have more structure.

Whether you choose overwater glamping huts in the Maldives or cottages nestled in the hills, has a stellar collection of glamping accommodations. Staying in a glamping hut or cottage will provide you with an opportunity to commune with nature while enjoying pure luxury.

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