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Glamping is glamorous camping. Glamping is the prodigy of luxury and experiential travel. Experiential travel is an authentic way to experience the world. It’s about stepping off the beaten path, walking away from superficial tourist activities and embracing an immersive cultural environment. By pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, experiential travelers experience a shift in perspective that improves the way they connect with the world. This transformational style of travel will enrich a person’s life and, ultimately, leave an impression that lasts much longer than the journey itself.

Glamping is growing. The trend has become large enough and popular enough to carve out its own piece of the travel pie. Glamping has become its own category of travel.

As the industry grows, we aim to stay at the forefront of the movement. We feel it is our responsibility to move the entire industry forward by any means necessary. We love glamping and we know it is here to stay.

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About Us

GLAMPING.COM offers resources for consumers and owners alike. Travelers can come to the site and find amazing glamping locations around the world. Our system allows travelers to easily contact any property listed to make an inquiry quickly. Simply click on Request Availability and that property's page to get in touch with the property to learn more.

Property owners and managers can come to us for many reasons. Recommended properties are listed on GLAMPING.COM, provided they meet our quality guidelines. Owners can stay on top of glamping news worldwide via our glamping blog as we aggregate everything going on in the glamping industry around the world and push out our own information. Properties can even request additional media and information directly from us.

We are the largest source for glamping information in the world. We encourage you to read, share and utilize this information. The more we educate, the faster it grows!

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