Think outside the tent.

  • Airstreams & TrailersAirstreams & Trailers

    Airstreams & Trailers are becoming more popular amongst our glamping community because of their nostalgic experience and their portability. The airstreams and trailers can be found as a permanent placement at any destination or as a mobile accommodation that can be driven around to various places making for the perfect glamping experience. 

  • Barns & FarmhousesBarns & Farmhouses

    Barns and farmhouses are another growing trend in the glamping industry; they are being built or renovated to accommodate the discerning traveler looking for that farm experience. We love their rustic charm and lofty interiors, perfect for rural, extended family get togethers. These experiences offer a retreat from the noise of modern life to a quiet farmhouse porch quintessential of rural life.

  • CabinsCabins

    Cabineering is a new travel trend that is offered by many luxury properties. Cabineering gives adventure travelers the comforts of home and the special amenities of a luxury hotel in some of the most remote and breathtaking areas around the globe. It's a cozy way to have a memorable, experiential vacation.

  • Cubes and PodsCubes and Pods

    Many glamping destinations around the world have come up with unique, yet luxurious eco-friendly pods and cubes to serve as guest accommodations. These glamping pods and cubes give travelers an opportunity to have a singular experience amidst the surrounding nature.

  • DomesDomes

    Domes and eco-domes cater to experiential travelers who seek a unique accommodation experience through full immersion with nature and minimal environmental impact. Some of these offbeat, futuristic domes in this collection include amenities such as wood-fired hot tubs and en-suite bathrooms, while providing panoramic views of nature. 

  • Huts & CottagesHuts & Cottages

    Whether you choose overwater glamping huts in the Maldives or cottages nestled in the hills, has a stellar collection of glamping accommodations. Staying in a glamping hut or cottage will provide you with an opportunity to commune with nature while enjoying pure luxury.

  • LodgesLodges

    Glamping lodges are the perfect way to experience nature while still having four walls and a ceiling. These unique destinations from Nepal to Maine have carefully constructed the ideal dwellings for their properties, allowing guests to stay in complete luxury while still developing an up-close-and-personal relationship with the surrounding nature. 

  • Luxury LodgesLuxury Lodges

    Explore our collection of luxury lodges catering to discerning global travelers and adventure seekers looking for luxurious accommodations, five-star amenities and elevated service. This new breed of luxury properties provides guests with the highest standards in personalized service and world-class luxury, while still allowing opportunities for wilderness adventures and an unfiltered connection with nature.

  • TentsTents has researched the best glamping tent accommodations throughout the world. These glamping tents are a far cry from the do-it-yourself tent in a bag. They offer amenities like comfortable beds and in some cases ensuite bathroom facilities. When you're glamping, there's no tent to pitch. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the unique experience provided by these luxury glamping tents.

  • Tipi / TepeeTipi / Tepee

    Erected in a triangular fashion, the shape and design allow tipis to keep warm during winter and cool during summer. Today, tipis follow the same shape and general design as historical tipis, but use different materials and offer more comforts. The modern day tipis are now equipped to help ensure each guest is comfortable, offering beds and unique decor as well as amenities to ensure for an unforgettable experience in nature.

  • Tours & ExcursionsTours & Excursions

    If you are not the type to lounge on a sunny beach all day, rather you seek the thrill of adventures and discovery, you have found the right list of glamping tour and excursion companies around the world that can package everything into your travel experience from your accommodations to dinner reservations and daily activities planned out for you.

  • TreehousesTreehouses

    Tree houses are one of the most popular types of glamping. Modern architecture and construction has allowed tree houses to be erected in the most diverse places in the world.  Immersed in nature, tree houses envelop the true definition of glamping as they are each unique, luxurious and awe-inspiring. Bring out the kid in you through this unique travel experience.

  • Unique & UnusualUnique & Unusual

    Our unique and unusual category is dedicated to those glamping locations that dreams are made of. Places so unique and different that you probably didn't even know something like this existed.  Some include but, are not limited to caves, ice hotels, trains, planes.  If this peaks your curiosity, take a look into the unique glamping destinations on our website.

  • VillasVillas

    Explore our collection of luxury villas and homes, delivering to upscale global travelers and adventure seekers an unforgettable lodging experience in private villas and homes with five-star amenities. Each of these villas provide glampers all the comforts of home in a unique outdoor environment and experience.  This collection provides glamping-minded guests the perfect home to stay in, many with concierge services to assist with details big and small.

  • Wagons & Shepherd HutsWagons & Shepherd Huts

    Wagons and shepherd huts provide some of the most unique glamping accommodations available with their quirky character and country charm. These idyllic yet rustic “covered” wagons and wood huts suggest an era of simpler times—like you are traveling across the prairie or living in the rural English countryside.

  • YurtsYurts

    Along with luxury tents, yurts have always been amongst the most popular glamping accommodations. Yurts were first used by Central Asian nomads for centuries, and the design has been resurrected by many properties looking to offer a unique accommodation that doesn't leave a large carbon footprint. The properties listed below offer some incredibly luxurious glamping yurts.