Glamping Experiences

Glamping already gives you a front and center seat to nature but if you’re the type that likes to get in the middle of things, then fly-fishing is for you. This is definitely not your grandaddy’s throw-a-pole-over-the-side-of-a-boat-and-take-a-long-snooze kind of fishing. Fly-fishing takes brains and brawn. Selecting just the right fly to tie on and knowing where to place it involves serious know-how and all that casting and climbing over rocks is a great workout. This exhilarating challenge is worth every head-scratching moment just to have the chance to hook a plump trout. Whether you’re standing waist-deep in the water or perched inside a boat, being in the middle of the river gives you a front-row seat to the action so you might spot an eagle soaring above or catch sight of a moose stopping by for a drink.

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