Glamping in South America

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Glamping in South America

Stretching from steaming Amazonian jungles to the penguin playgrounds near Antarctica, South America represents incredible opportunities for eco adventures, cultural learning and otherwise exploring a unique part of the earth. Whether your desire is to chase down a blue-footed booby on the Galapagos Islands, walk where the Inca did on Machu Picchu, or explore the vast wonders of the Andes, glamping provides some excellent basecamps. From unmatched luxury in a posh Patagonian lodge, to astronomy-focused lodgings in Chile, from eco-luxury in Ecuador to the beautiful beaches of Brazil, glamping puts you in touch with this intriguing continent in ways no other type of travel ever could.


buenos aires, argentina

Yporá seeks new, more sustainable ways of living and is eager to share them with guests. Implemented techniques include use of natural construction and alternative energy sources (solar and wind), as well as the collection of rainwater for washing. Yporá is geographically located in...
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