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PicoCanoa Rodavento

veracruz, mexico

PicoCanoa Rodavento is the best adventure resort in Mexico. It has 34 rooms divided into 2 sections. The first section offers cozy adobe cabins with palm trees and the second is surrounded by shops. Each section is surrounded by beautiful gardens and large green areas. Expect to find a pool, rest...
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$150 /night

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Finca Las Nieves

oaxaca, mexico

The Coffee Farm is located in a fantastic cloud forest in the middle of nowhere in the Sierra Madre Oriental. The exuberance of nature is in all its splendor, where the rivers and waterfalls are born and where hundreds of birds and animals reside in liberty. The different trails take you to incre...
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$250 / night

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Joy Tulum

quintana roo, mexico

The design of this 24 bungalow lodge was inspired by nature, the colorful 70's, 80's and 90's and the greatest Rock & Roll music of all times! The botanical garden has been placed with dedication and love and your hosts have put their ub heart to make this project a successful one! You will ...
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$60 /night

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