Glamping in United Kingdom

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Glamping in United Kingdom

The UK’s natural beauty has inspired poets for generations. Now you can experience it first-hand while enjoying the luxuries offered by these glamping destinations. Whether you want English forests, windswept heaths, the ruggedness of the Scottish Highlands, or the wildness of the coasts, there’s lots to experience outside of the major cities. And there’s more than just natural variety, too. There are lots of different kinds of glamping experiences available as well, from cubes, pods, lodges, wagons, and many other kinds of accommodations. You’d be amazed at the variety of ways you can camp that don’t involve hiking in your own gear. Pick the combination you’d like and your favorite teapot, then enjoy the stark beauty of the United Kingdom.

A Little Bit of Rough

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A Little Bit of Rough offers a unique and exclusive glamping holiday experience—posh camping in the beautifully appointed, large canvas lodges "Oak" and "Ash." The lodges are set in a 20-acre private woodland with far-reaching views across a gem of a valley in the idyllic county of Rutland,...
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$300 / night

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