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Glamping in Spain

Spain has a large tourist industry and it’s no wonder. They have centuries of history and natural beauty to draw upon, from the wonders of Andalusia to the Sierra Nevadas. Whether you want a sea adventure or an eco-friendly trip to the mountains, or a dive into the deep history of the country, there is a glamping opportunity for you. Spain has taken glamping to heart, offering more locations than many other European countries. Plus, if you’re from North America and learned Mexican Spanish, your language difficulties will be minimal! So brush up on your grammar and give one of these vacation destinations a try the next time you itch for a European vacation. You won’t regret the choice and take back memories that will last a lifetime.

Mon Intern

castellon, spain

Mon Intern is a beachfront resort in one of the few undeveloped areas of the Mediterranean coast, located in a wild and natural setting. It is part of 5,000 square meters of landscaped oceanfront gardens, with a wild beach located in an area of natural interest. It has the right conditions for re...
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$45 / night

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