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Holmen Husky Lodge

kvaenangen, norway

Holmen Husky Lodge lies just outside Alta, the City of the Northern Lights. This city is nestled at the end of Altafjord, far up in the north of Norway. Just outside this arctic town, you’ll find Holmen Husky Lodge. Opened in 1996 by owner and operator Eirik Nilsen, Holmen Husky Lodge...
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$141 / night

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Tipi / Tepee

Sun Cape Accomodation

norland, norway

A spectacular place to stay off the beaten path in one of the most beautiful parts of the Lofoten Islands in the northern part of Norway. It is a small harbor with a beautiful scenery and one of the best places to watch the midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights (aurora borealis) in t...
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$85 /night

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Hardanger Basecamp

osa, norway

 Hardanger Basecamp offers an authentic, unique and comfortable "Back to Nature-Back to Basics" experience. It is situated at the shore of one of the most famous Fjords in the world, surrounded by steep 1 km high mountains. The cozy interior of the yurts breaths a natural and homey atmosp...
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$89 /night

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