Glamping in Italy

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Glamping in Italy

Italy is home to among the oldest cultures in Europe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t beautiful nature around as well. Many of the glamping destinations below are ancient villas tucked away in the mountainous center of the country or along the coastlines. Yet there are a lot of unique tourist opportunities as well, as you can see from some of the more unusual offerings like trailer glamping or even glamping in caves! Yes, you can enjoy the culture of Italy without getting crammed into a city full of tourists seeing the things you can see on any postcard. We invite you to investigate the destinations below to see just what this country can offer. We wish you a safe trip, good eating, and fair weather!

Agricampeggio Madonna di Pogi

tuscany, italy

Guests have the opportunity to freely experience the Tuscan countryside, its nature and, above all, its tranquillity. There are 120,000 square meters of forest, fruit trees and cultivated land completely at your disposal, so that you can always find a quiet spot to read a book or relax in a hammo...
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$40 / night

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