Glamping in France

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Glamping in France

The southern corners of France border two mountain ranges, the Alps and the Pyrenees. Many of these glamping opportunities (or “hebergement insolite” as they say in French) take advantage of this geography to provide eco-friendly and unusual camping destinations. The culture of France outside of the major cities is quite different than the culture of the countryside, so if you’ve already experienced Paris before, try one of the places below for a brand new cultural experience! Here’s an unusual idea. If you admire the era of the hippies, one destination below offers rentals of 60’s and 70’s camper vans so you can drive around the south of France at your own leisure! How’s that for beating a crowded tour bus? Browse through the luxury destinations below and find your way of experiencing France.

Le Village des Monedieres

limousin, france

This luxurious camping area offers a romantic and relaxing nomadic escape in an orchard set upon the heart of Correze. Straight from a Burgundian shipyard, Le Village des Monedieres offers you unusual accommodations in a boat! This orchard provides many amenities: from children’s activitie...
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$34 /night

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