Glamping in South Africa

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Glamping in South Africa

South Africa, especially the Limpopo province, has long been a destination for people who want to experience the natural beauty of Southern Africa. Thus, a majority of the glamping destinations in this country take place in this northern region. Far away from the crowded cities, you can experience a safari of your choice in your very own hut, cottage, or villa. South Africa also means you can travel to many other locations on the continent. It’s Africa’s most developed country in the cities, though you should be aware of its tumultuous recent history before traveling here. But if you’re after the classic African safari, minus the hunting, check out one of the glamping destinations below and start planning your journey to Africa.

Teniqua Treetops

western cape, south africa

Teniqua Treetops—it's more than a one-night stay, it's a childhood fantasy treehouse to spoil the young at heart. Our beautiful, nature lovers' hideout has eight gorgeous, luxurious, hand-crafted, self-catering, unusual and environmentally friendly tree houses hidden in the indigenous fores...
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$87 / night

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