Glamping in Kenya

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Glamping in Kenya

Located on the East Coast of Africa, Kenya is well-known for its diverse animal species. It’s no wonder. Kenya has one of the strongest environmental protection programs in Africa. Its devotion to protecting the species of the country has made it a strong candidate for eco-minded glampers who want to experience Africa’s wildlife. Most of the major national parks have several glamping resorts nearby. You have your pick of many destinations for all budgets. If you want to get started off in Africa on the right foot, you could do far worse than picking Kenya as your first destination. Do a search for the features of the different nature preserves, then choose your vacation spot below. We’re sure you’ll love your choice.

Mara West

maasai mara, kenya

A semi-tented camp perched on the edge of the Oloololo escarpment. Though this impressive camp holds claim to the best views over the Masai Mara, the only place you can sit watching the herds of animals moving across the savannah below you, you are also here to support the community projects that...
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$257 / night

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