Glamping in Africa

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Glamping in Africa

Africa has been touched by cultures from around the world, yet each region remains unique unto itself and extraordinary among other destinations. The continent contains a multitude of ecological gems and wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Imagine glamping under the stars near the natural habitat of chimpanzees in Tanzania, the thundering wildebeest herds of Kenya or the pristine beaches of South Africa—not to mention visiting the enchanting Egypt or mystical Morocco.

Mara West

maasai mara, kenya

A semi-tented camp perched on the edge of the Oloololo escarpment. Though this impressive camp holds claim to the best views over the Masai Mara, the only place you can sit watching the herds of animals moving across the savannah below you, you are also here to support the community projects that...
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$257 / night

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