What is Glamping?

Great Glamping Example: Paws Up Resort, Montana

Glamping is a term derived from the two words “glamourous camping”.  Glamping is also referred to as “glam camping”, “lux camping”, “luxury camping” and many other similar phrases. Regardless of the specific terminology, the idea is the same. Glamping brings the world of luxury into nature in the most seamless way possible.

Glamping is the ultimate travel experience. Imagine the visiting a remote island while you sit on the balcony of your luxurious treehouse overlooking a tropical jungle as far as the eye can see. Or imagine watching the sun set over the calming sounds of the river outside your 5-star canvas tent while staff prepares an upscale private dinner to be delivered to your doorstep. Or maybe teatime in the African Serengeti while you watch elephants grazing in the distance.

Glamping merges the world of luxurious accommodations with in-destination experiences.  Glamping is for everyone. Glamping is different. Glamping is about the experience. Glamping is luxurious. Glamping is beautiful.

Glamping truly is the ultimate destination experience.