Glamping Beneath the Oaks at Wellspring Ranch

Written By: Alexandria Autrey

We are spotlighting the Wellspring Ranch in Cayucos, California because, this glamping destination has it all. The Wellspring Ranch is nestled just off the coast in a no-cell-phone zone and is only a 20 minute drive to the famous Pacific Coast Highway. Between the luxurious yurts, updated Airstream trailer or cozy bed and breakfast, this ranch has everything to offer those seeking an escape from urban life or a weekend getaway. Located on an organic farm, this 160 acre ranch is waiting to be explored. It offers horseback riding, biking and hiking trails accessible without car and is just 20 minutes from a nearby beach for individuals seeking to surf or kayak. This site offers immediate gardens as well as a 5 mile network of interior trails leading to many vista points perfect for a secluded picnic. For those who enjoy yoga, the site has both an indoor and outdoor studio as well as a movie room for those rainy days. In addition to all the activities, the ranch has a 20,000 gallon spring water pond lined with steamer chairs, umbrellas, benches and resort lounges. After a long hike, this site has two outdoor showers allowing guest to stand privately under the oaks while bathing. These “oborain” or outdoor showers were featured in Dwell Magazine. Accommodations at this cozy ranch are both chic and homey with private baths in all rooms and cabanas. Breakfast is included and there is a communal kitchen available for use by all guest choosing to prepare their own food. Once your meal is ready, guest can choose from many scenic dining areas located on the grounds. Glampers wishing to dine out or shop can do so with just a 20 minute drive to the coastal town of Cayucos. This ranch has everything to offer from a romantic weekend getaway to a quiet one night stay away from urban life. This hidden gem can be yours for a mere $305 per night, getaway from the urban blues and join nature under the oaks at Wellspring Ranch.


Yurts, are a round tent-like structure that merges the worlds of tents, huts and houses. Traditionally, these dwellings were used as portable houses by nomadic cultures of central Asia. Since then, the yurt has become a growing accommodation trend around the world and in the ever growing glamping industry. These modern building styles allow for yurts to be customized and accessorized with wood floors, fireplaces, plumbing, electricity and more.



Glamping in an airstream is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. These portable dwellings are becoming more popular amongst our glamping community because, of their nostalgic experience, modern luxury touches and their portability.


Barn House

Barn houses are another growing trend in the glamping industry, these unique accommodations are being built or renovated to accommodate the discerning traveler, looking for that farm experience. Farmlands around the world are starting to upgrade their accommodations to be as luxurious as possible, while still providing the traditional farming lifestyle.