GDC's Top Three Must See Glamping Destinations

Written by: Alexandria Autrey

If camping isn’t for you, try glamping! Glamping is a new trend where you can have a one of a kind experience in nature with the best amenities and plush interiors for all your needed creature comforts. It’s a tempting option for those who want to escape the big city and get closer to the great outdoors without sacrificing the city’s comforts. This new trend has been gaining popularity, and many local destinations are offering some sort of glamping experience for their guests. Each glamping destination has a unique touch of the outdoors with the luxury of a hotel and if you enjoy the outdoors and want a weekend away, luxury camping is the best option for those willing to spend the money. Here are our top 3 picks for the most unique glamping escape and why we chose them! The common thing between these three properties are they are each unique glamping destinations, they all offer you a true glamping experience in different ways. They are each very popular destinations on our website as well as in the media. All of these destinations give you the opportunity to experience outdoor activities in very different ways such as, skiing, hiking, fishing, game drives and so much more. Also, they all offer cozy and luxurious accommodations to make your stay as comfortable as possible. In addition to your cozy accommodations, your surroundings at each destination are the most stunning and picturesque backdrops one could hope to see.

1. The Resort at Paws Up


The Resort at Paws up is located in the beautiful, Blackfoot Valley, is a 37,000 acre working cattle ranch that has 28 luxury homes, 30 decadent glamping tents and five private camps for extended families. When staying at the Resort at Paws Up, there are many custom options for every glamper as well a well a highly trained and friendly staff, that make for an unforgettable glamping trip. Paws Up resort is the crossroads of incomparable luxury and wilderness, this ranch is situated on 37,000 acres of a working cattle ranch. This resort provides an a incomparable connection to the stunning Montana landscape. From their robes to their butlers, this glamorous camping resort takes care of their guests every need in the most luxe way possible. A few of the tents are more than a thousand square feet and inside the tents have wood floors, electric blankets, indoor plumbing and even heated floors in the bathroom. This resort offers glampers classically trained chefs, luxe accommodations, spectacular views and a variety of activities around the property. Activities at Paws Up range from cattle drives, skeet shooting, horseback riding, fly fishing and even spa treatments. Ten years ago, Paws Up started out with only three tents and as the glamping trend has been on the rise, the resort now has thirty tents and twenty-eight cabins. Experience a true glamping experience filled with an array of activities, spectacular views and luxe amenities at Paws Up Resort.

The Resort at Paws Up

2. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

jpeg-15At this resort you can experience the thrilling Serengeti and get a rare opportunity to connect with the local culture at Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti. The Safari Lodge is located in Serengeti National Park, where there seventy-seven secluded guest rooms, an elegant spa and a infinity pool. This glamping resort promises a luxurious repose during your African safari adventure. This resort is both secluded and spacious with 77 guest rooms, suites and villas to keep you in constant touch with the Serengeti. The resort is decked out in contemporary African décor and features four-poster beds with mosquito netting, local textiles and artwork. In addition, all are enhanced by modern comforts such as air conditioning and high-speed Internet access. At Four Seasons Safari Lodge, guest can step outside to their elevated, open-air sundeck with a direct view of the plains and enjoy a private audience with any animals such as, lions or elephants that might be passing by.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

3. Whitepod

2015-10-30-1446183197-9885372-whitepod5-thumbWhitepod is a novel approach to glamping in Valais, Switzerland and exploring the Alps, with 15 domes pitched on wooden platforms. Each pod is protected from the cold and snow, equipped with a wood-burning stove, organic luxury bedding and full-service bathroom. In addition, the accommodations are cozily decorated with unique antique objects from the region. The large bay windows let in a healthy dose of natural light. Breakfast is served at the Pod-house and dinner is available at Les Cerniers restaurant. Guests can enjoy a day of skiing on Whitepod’s private slopes. From cubes to pods: Whitepod eco-luxury hotel and alpine experience blends the unusual with the natural seamlessly. The pods truly look like they belong in the landscape, especially in winter, when guests of this four-season resort can take advantage of the private ski slopes and dog sledding. Whitepod is Switzerland glamping at its finest.