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Much more than a listing site. is the industry authority on everything glamping. We are much more than a listing site. What makes more than a listing site? It is how we view the entire industry. It is our understanding of your business. Glamping embodies a larger travel trend of "experiential travel". Glamping is more than a nice tent or simple hut. It is about service, quality and the entire expereince.

It is difficult to run a property. You deal with sales, marketing, PR, operations, customer service, inventory management, websites & technology development, accounting, HR, hiring, seasonal fluxuations, market crashes, large competitors & websites, changing trends, environmental policies and more. We understand.

We help represent your property to consumers and the world. Our goal is to make life a little bit easier for you. We regularly get PR and media requests, marketing co-op partnerships, advertising co-op deal requests and more.

Combined we have been in the lodging/tourism industry for over 50 years. Internally we bring expereince from single property/resort management, PR and ad agencies, travel agencies, wholesaler/OTA marketing, journalism and more.

We manually approve every property on this site. We try to maintain certain quality standards. We strive to create meaningful relationships with our partners.

We want you to join our collection. Be a part of something larger and help support the growth of the industry.

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Lister Review

"We are constantly looking for appropriate outlets to advertise our luxury camping experiences online. does a wonderful job promoting our ranch with beautiful design and elegant functionality."
Sue Bosdet – The Ranch at Rock Creek

"We love this site and it's generating lots of traffic for us!"
Sarah Dusek – Yellowstone Under Canvas and Moab Under Canvas

"As the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Resort at Paws Up, I'm always looking for appropriate avenues to advertise our unique glamping offering. From any online partner, I expect seamless brand cohesion, excellent customer service, and most importantly, qualified traffic. Typically, partners only excel in one, and in rare occasions, two of those criteria. In, I've found the trifecta. It's been a refreshing pleasure to work with the team, and even more of a pleasure to see become one of the top five sources of referrer traffic to our website."
John Romfo – The Resort at Paws Up

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